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  • Can I change my package deal?
    Can I change my package deal? Yes you can change your package as long as the promotion/ offer is still available. If you paid online for an individual lesson £22 and wanting to enter a package deal for 12, 26 or 40 hours then you can email us and in the comment section write you are an existing customer and would like to change. You will be contacted and a payment link will be sent to your mobile number that you registered with us initially. Example if you wanting to enter 12 hours deal and the deposit is £36, you will be sent link to pay £14 because you have already paid £22. This can be done for any packages and should you buy more than you need, we will return money owed. You can buy with confidence and there are no hidden charges, please read terms & privacy on our sales website:
  • Is it safe to learn in this climate (Covid-19)?
    Firstly, we need to follow the advice given by the Government regarding why we as the wider British public are keeping our businesses closed. When we are allowed to open and come back to somewhere near normal, as we all will have to carry on as Covid-19 will be with us until a vaccine has been found, which may take a few years. When we are able to open we will put in some changes to minimise/ stop the risk of spreading Covid-19. All our instructors will be given an extra 10 minutes in between lessons so they can clean the instruments such as the steering wheel, door handles, gear stick etc.. with anti bacterial wipes. Driving instructors will work 6 days instead of the usual 5 days and that will mean fewer lessons per day. They will always wear a face mask and disposable gloves. Also, you will be provided with a disposable face mask if you do not have your own. Windows will be kept open for plenty of ventilation. Late cancellation fees/charge will not be applied during Covid-19, so if a learner feels unwell before their lesson, they will not get charged. Driving instructors will phone before going to collect the client to make sure all is well. All clients will be given/sign posted to Government advice as to which conditions or previous medical conditions render a person at a high or low risk. More detailed information can be found on NHS website, press the following link: People within the high risk category should not be taking lessons however, a person living with them but not in the higher risk category can take lessons but should be extra cautious and try taking the first lesson of the day which will again minimise the risk even further. All clients will be reminded to wash their hands before coming to their lesson, also hand sanitisers will be available in the instructors' car.
  • What can I do to control Covid-19 whilst learning to drive?
    Making little changes in your daily routine habits will go a long way and 2 of the best things are whilst out and about do not touch your face with your hands and the second would be to wash your hands with soap & warm water for 20 seconds. If you are feeling unwell or have come across someone that is unwell, inform your driving instructor on the phone and do not wait for them to turn up at your door because you need to isolate yourself and your household members. Hand shaking should be avoided. If you are well and can take your lesson then, ensure to wash your hands before coming out. Wear a face mask, eye covering can become hazardous whilst driving as they may mist up however, you may want to discuss this in detail with your driving instructor. Keep windows down to allow plenty of ventilation. Wear clothes that cover your arms and legs completely and ensure wear clothes that will keep you warm. Your clothes should not consist of any animal fur. Eye contact with somebody whilst talking with them is common practise and polite however, this action should be avoided as you do not want to be face to face. Try not to share items like pens and visual aids in the car and please ensure to not bring items like mobiles or keys you do not need during the lesson however, if you are in need of them please bring a carrier bag where you can keep your belongings. Please ensure to arrive with the accurate money for the lesson, this way you will not be receiving change that has come from a third person. If possible pay for a few lessons in advance. When you go home, please make sure to wash your hands.
  • Can I bring along a friend to the lesson?
    In normal circumstances, we would allow a friend or family member to come along to observe however, unfortunately at the present moment with Covid-19 we not allowing any passengers to come along.
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