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Phase 1

  • Cockpit Drill.

  • Moving off and stopping.

  • Approaching.(Junctions)

  • Emerging.(Junctions)

  • Meetin Traffic.

  • Hazard Awareness.

  • Pedestrian Croosing

Phase 2

  • Roundabouts.

  • Progress - Main Roads.

  • Reverse in a straight line.

  • Pulling up on the right.

  • Reverse into a Bay.

  • Drive into a Bay.

  • Parrallel Parking.

  • Emergency Stop.

Phase 3

  • All weather driving.

  • Green driver. (Eco)

  • Country roads.

  • Town & City driving.

  • Dual Carriageway.

  • Independent driving.

  • Mock driving test

Test Standard

  • Test Routes.

  • Test Tips

  • Smart Motorways.

  • Pass Plus.

  • Saving £££ on insurance.

Covid Secure

Read instructions before coming to your driving lesson.

Welcome, thank you for joining Sux-S School of Motoring.

You have been encouraged to visit this website because you have recently joined us and we would like you to have some information as to how we aim to deliver the service you have approached us for.

If you are at a beginning stages of your learning you will not be able to compare our services to any other driving school however we are pleased to have you with a clean slate.

If you have previous driving experience you will soon start comparing and will find we provide a lot of information outside your lesson time, which will not just help you plan your lessons better and become test standard sooner but make you a safer driver so once you get your full licence and start carrying people you care for in your vehicle you have the knowledge to keep yourself and them safe.


If you have previous driving experience than an assessment will be made by your driving instructor and they will give you feedback and inform you where you are on the learning ladder. You will be given a password for the stage you are in your learning.

If this will be your very first lesson or you only had few lessons then please read and watch the materials below, which will speed things up in your lesson.

First lesson
1) Being fit to drive and having legal documents to drive/ learn to drive.
2) How to enter the vehicle safely, safety checks and cockpit drill.
3) Moving off and stopping

Your driving instructor will help you as little or as or much as you require - YOU ARE PAYING THEM FOR THIS TIME.
These videos are intended to save you time so you get more practise in your 1 hour lesson, your driving instructor will still cover all this with you.

Thank You, Stay Safe.


All materials on this website are provided to assist in your progress in learning to drive. You are welcome to download/ print and share any materials on this website however all rights remain property of Sux-S School of Motoring and should not be used for any business purposes that involves making a profit.

Please press the following to read legal documents and alcohol use:

Please press the following to read about drug use and driving:

You do not need to print out or do anything apart from read and digest.

You will be given password for the other pages on this webiste on your first lesson by your driving instructor. Do watch videos on links below.

Stay Alert - Stay Safe

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